OWNIT.NYC Looks Back at 3 Years of .NYC

Recently OwnIt published an article called History Has Its Eyes on You .NYC in which the last 3 years of this city TLD is summarized. It's an interesting travel through time reviewing the .NYC's place among other cityTLDs, the success of the Best of Boroughs campaign and a look at the range of businesses, not for profits, individuals and other entities being a part of it and how premium domain sales are shaping up for the city and the registry. The article described the premium .NYC domain sales: It was just a year ago that we kicked off .nyc’s second year anniversary with the release of thousands of “premium” .nyc domain names.  A premium .nyc domain name has a higher intrinsic value than the average domain name, and is likely to be in far greater demand. To date, over 515 premium .nyc domain names have been sold to New Yorkers through the world’s leading domain retailers, with a collective value of over $595,157 -- making .nyc domains some of the hottest tickets ar…
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