Get off my NYC Domain Name! Generic Coincidence or Domain Trademark Infringement

While walking along W 34th Street, under the Empire State Building, I had to do a double take. At first my eyes were drawn to the massive Super Dry logo - my colleague has a Super Dry jacket and I never really understood the name - but then my eyes were hooked on the first NYC domain name that I won back in October 2014, Is this domain trademark infringement, a harmless coincidence, or something else? Even though it's been sometime since I posted at, did that really give this store the feeling that they could move in on my turf! I did a little research and found that the store wasn't there back in August 2017 as shown in Google Street View below: I had a similarly shocking, yet less worrisome feeling when I saw my domain being used in an illustration in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks after bidding on the domain back in 2014. The article was called, "The Gold Rush is on for Dot NYC Domains" and I remember feeling validated that …
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  • 0 – A TV commercial featuring John Leguizamo

I rarely have time for TV but Sunday morning is when I find 30 minutes to flip through the local channels during breakfast. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see a commercial for p.s.alumni featuring┬áJohn Leguizamo (yes, I checked the spelling twice) and highlighting their .nyc website p.s.alumni is New York City's public school alumni network, connecting millions of NYC public school alumni to current students as mentors, volunteers, and powerful advocates for schools & students. John Leguizamo attended school in Jackson Heights and Corona in Queens and he discusses getting into acting while in public school. As a High School teacher myself in Flushing, Queens - I am attracted by the vision and goal of p.s.alumni but the teacher in me objects to their use of lowercase letters at the start of their organization's name! This is yet another example of the .NYC domain space expanding organically. .NYC's are perfect for organizations to em…
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