Developed.NYC was created primarily to celebrate the .NYC TLD however there’s an additional cause. The more work I do in the fields of web development, marketing and even education, the more I feel .NYC is an expression of community.

There has been a tremendous amount of growth and development of .NYC domains and it’s important to share this information to further cultivate the community.


Merriam-Webster defines “community” and reminds us what .NYC represents:

Definition of community – abbreviated excerpt:


  • a unified body of individuals:
  • people with common interests
  • interacting population in a common location
  • group linked by a common policy
  • body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests
  • joint ownership or participation community of goods
  • common character
  • social activity and fellowship
  • social state or condition


In the few months since launching Developed.NYC – I’m inspired by what I’ve found: cafes, bars, delis, photographers, ad agencies, politicians, gyms, festivals, charities, stores, apartments, real estate agents, schools, colleges, bands, museums… the list keeps on going. Every imaginable business and organization is represented with a .NYC website. All websites started with an idea different from any other, and yet we’re all part of the .NYC community.

So let’s celebrate our community and promote it. Let’s showcase our websites by adding them to the listings and please share with us photos of .NYCs being used. If you’ve developed a website on a .NYC domain and have a story to tell, get in touch. Also, if you can, link to us – so others can see us celebrating and can join us!