GoWomen – GoDaddy Celebrates International Women’s Day

GoDaddy did something quite special today to celebrate women and move away from their (sexist) Super Bowl commercials - they changed their name to GoWomen.

GoDaddy also featured several profiles of inspirational women including designers, musicians and TV personalities across their website and they promoted the hashtag #BalanceForBetter as part of the cause.

It was really the subtle switch of the GoDaddy logo to the GoWomen logo that seemed to have the most powerful effect for me. When a company changes its name, however briefly to support a cause, they are quite literally putting the cause before themselves - respect.

This also reopened my mind to how male dominated the tech and web field is. My work as a high school computer science teacher has seen a big emphasis on encouraging underrepresented groups to get involved in CS education - our recruitment work has focused on minorities and females.

A recent unit I've been teach…

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