You had me at, “You put your capital at risk…”

George Kirikos recently wrote a forum post on NamePros about the types of phrases prospective buyers use in their emails when inquiring about a domain name. Below is the list: I'm a student We're a non-profit Be reasonable I'm a broker We have a client I'm starting a blog We don't have a large budget I'm a serious buyer If you have a list of other domains This email is not spam As both a seller and buyer, the list doesn't surprise me. I've seen many of them in emails I've received and have used some of them (most times legitimately) as a potential buyer. While George mentioned he thinks people should avoid using those phrases in their emails - I really don't mind them! After all it's a potential customer. Raymond Hackney published a follow up post to the NamePros thread at called, "You had me at Scumbag". It described a domain inquiry he received where the sender said “I know all you so called investors are just scumbags …
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