New domain name endings – hidden motives for and against them

I love thoughtful debate and reflection. I love being understood and then challenged. (Being misunderstood and then challenged isn't so much fun!) I'm comfortable having my mind changed and admitting it. More broadly, it's a great feeling to solve a problem, knowing that all variables have been considered, feedback received, reflections contested and solutions iterated.

In the domain investing world the big issue for the last five or so years has been "What effect will new gTLDs have on the internet?"

If you're new to this topic, in brief, about 5 years ago there was an expansion of the internet naming system - instead of .coms, .nets and .orgs over 1,000 other domain endings (e.g. .nyc, .tech and .guru) were scheduled to launch. This made some domain investors nervous and other excited. Non-domain investors (most of the world) didn't flinch - they're just finding out this happened!

Back then (2014-ish) there were people right out of the gate who…

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