New Domain Extensions “Nail It!” – says Google

While trying to avoid real work I escaped to YouTube, the procrastinator's dream. The ad below played before the video of dogs who sound like humans.

I'd seen other ads for Google Domains but this was the first that I'd seen promoting a particular new gTLD - and I believe if one of the gTLDs had to be the spokesperson for all, it would be .toys

Turns out this ad is about 4 months old, but one thing I think is significant is that this is the ultimate tech-search-advertising company promoting a new domain extension as "nailing it".

Last year I wrote about investing in NYC domain names and spoke about the three categories of new domain extensions - brand, geo and generic/keyword. .toys is clearly a generic/keyword and below are the reasons I mentioned that this category of names are perfect for end users:

Add meaning to a website name.Acquire the keyword that was unobtainable in a .com in a .keyword.Possibly acquire a perfect-fit domain…
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