Exciting parallels between new gTLDs and Formula E

Recently, I attended the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC. It's a yearly ritual with my son and one thing is clear electric is booming. I recommend it to anyone in the area. It runs until Sunday 28th April.

There's amazing tech across multiple show floors, including safety features, in car entertainment, electric vehicles and lots of experiences with auto VR.

VR at the ABB Formula E Exhibit

Almost every major car company is proudly and prominently displaying their EVs and the high performance sports cars on show are jaw dropping.

Mullen USA

As I reflected after my visit, I couldn't help but think about the challenges that electric vehicles have had to face: improving the technology of the car motors, batteries and charging stations, boosting consumer awareness and interest, negotiating laws/standards/governments, carrying significant losses while wooing and maintaining investors and fighting a…

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An Investor’s Experience with NYC Domains for 4 Years

Whenever I read an article, tweet, forum post or listen to a podcast that generalizes the death of the new TLDs I switch off. Not because I'm a big fan of all (or even many) new TLDs, but because: I have experience of new TLD sales, and a side of the story that isn't being represented as part of the new TLD discussion. I'm cynical that the author has an ulterior motive in protecting a .com portfolio or even in some cases the critic doesn't know how to seize an opportunity and so they become an opportunity killer. Today, I will share some information about my own .nyc domain name sales as well as my perspective on new TLDs. Maybe this article will provide a little balance or at least hopefully present information on sales in a geo-TLD niche and why we shouldn't group all new TLDs together. While I'm waiting for my car to be worked on for its inspection, I visited a Panera Bread to grab lunch and write this article. On entering I had to do a double take at their recruitm…
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