– High profile use of a .NYC domain

A few years ago HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver showed a popular segment where Oliver mocked Bloomberg for his PR firm registering 400 .nyc domains to protect his image.¬†With such a high profile piece, the result was a bump in registrations and more importantly, awareness of the .nyc extension. Many people were introduced to something other than .com for the very first time. While since then, there have been lots of sightings of .nyc domains in use and continued adoption, there hasn't been further high profile displays of domain use by large NYC based businesses or organizations. That is until today. While watching CBS2 news this morning, I noticed every commercial break included an ad with the ending screen being a call to action, to go to a .nyc website. The ad was sponsored by the New York City Police Foundation and highlights an initiative by the NYPD to promote neighborhood policing. The initiative is called 'Build The Block' and their natural domain of choi…
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