Why the .NYC TLD namespace has a solid foundation

I have always believed that geoTLDs (.nyc, .london, .paris, .boston) have the greatest potential of all new domain extensions especially when we look to metrics of potential other than registry profits.

GeoTLDs have a clear audience of individuals, organizations and businesses - many of whom focus their marketing and messages at the local community. Of course financial feasibility of running a TLD is important, and part of that correlates to the size of the city as well as the love and affinity people share for the city. .nyc therefore, seems to have it all.

Something else .nyc has, is a city government that is behind it as a partner with the registry (Neustar). The City of New York has both a financial incentive for the TLDs success (40% share in the profits, the rest to Neustar) and a moral obligation to nurture .NYC to be a safe space that innovates and provides economic opportunity.

While researching the beginnings of .NYC I came across th…

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