New .NYC Domain Registrations – January 2018 Review

With the start of 2018 now well underway, resolutions, goals, plans, and dreams are all tested. In the online world, new domain registrations usually signify the first step towards developing an idea. I hope to post an article each month detailing new .NYC domain registrations, looking at registration trends, categories, while also highlighting any premium .NYC domain registrations along with any obscure names I find. The NYC Open Data initiative was the original source of the NYC domain registration data. January 2018 .NYC Domain Registrations Total new .nyc domain registrations added: 875 View the full list on January 2018 NYC domain registrations here. As the table above shows, there's a healthy mix of organizations and individuals registering .NYC domain names.   Premium .NYC Domain Registrations in January 2018 The following names were domains originally reserved by¬†Neustar¬†(the .NYC registry) and later made available at premium tiered pricing. The…
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