NYC Domain Name Registrations – July Review

This is the seventh in a series of monthly articles highlighting patterns and trends in recent NYC domain registrations. Each month I scan lists of recently registered .NYC domain names and after removing the hard-to-make-sense-of domains I'm left of a group I call the notables - this also includes highlighting any premium purchases (registration prices above the standard $20-30). Honestly, it's getting very difficult to place some of the names in categories, for example "" is two words, partly in another language, it's most likely a business that's a cafe... so please take the categories below lightly. So here goes. July 2018 NYC Business Domain Registrations Total .nyc domain registrations added: 778 This is a big jump from the 629 NYC domain registrations reported last month. View the full list of July 2018 NYC domain registrations here. The 39%:61% (org:indiv) ratio is a departure from the 50%:50% even split last month.   Prem…
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