NYC Domain Name Registrations – June Review

This is the sixth in a series of monthly articles highlighting trends and patterns in NYC domain registrations - this month we focus on June NYC domain registrations. If you've read the previous monthly reviews, you know how this works. I've scanned lists and removed the hard-to-make-sense-of domains leaving me with a list of domains I call the notables. Domains that were sold for a premium price are also separated out and all names are placed loosely into categories. Here goes. June 2018 NYC Domain Name Registrations Total .nyc domain registrations added: 629 This is a drop compared with May's tally of 650. View the full list of June 2018 NYC domain registrations here. The 50%:50% (org:indiv) ratio evens out from the 53%:47% from last month.   Premium .NYC Domain Registrations in June 2018 The following names were domains originally reserved by Neustar (the .NYC registry) and later made available at premium tiered pricing. The prices shown, are a…
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