Get off my NYC Domain Name! Generic Coincidence or Domain Trademark Infringement

While walking along W 34th Street, under the Empire State Building, I had to do a double take. At first my eyes were drawn to the massive Super Dry logo - my colleague has a Super Dry jacket and I never really understood the name - but then my eyes were hooked on the first NYC domain name that I won back in October 2014, Is this domain trademark infringement, a harmless coincidence, or something else? Even though it's been sometime since I posted at, did that really give this store the feeling that they could move in on my turf! I did a little research and found that the store wasn't there back in August 2017 as shown in Google Street View below: I had a similarly shocking, yet less worrisome feeling when I saw my domain being used in an illustration in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks after bidding on the domain back in 2014. The article was called, "The Gold Rush is on for Dot NYC Domains" and I remember feeling validated that …
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