New domain investors should avoid new gTLDs (including .nyc domains?)

While my intention with this site,, is to promote .NYC usage and discuss news relevant to the geoTLD space - I love learning and talking about domains in general - even .coms which aren't disappearing anytime soon!

For those of you who are new to buying domain names (e.g. .coms, .nycs or .whatevers) - especially considering investing in them, there are a few key resources that you must check out and there are some names in the game who have some great advice. - A weekly vlog with interesting and entertaining interviews with big and small investors (usually a panel of 3) as well as those in related fields. Media Options (Drew Rosener and Tess Diaz) took over Domain Sherpa after founder Michael Cyger moved on to pursue other projects). I especially like the few interviews with Ali Zandi (his tips helped my sales - gmail Streak extension and concise email wording) and of course the videos with Domain Shane are just entertaini…

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