An Investor’s Experience with NYC Domains for 4 Years

Whenever I read an article, tweet, forum post or listen to a podcast that generalizes the death of the new TLDs I switch off. Not because I'm a big fan of all (or even many) new TLDs, but because: I have experience of new TLD sales, and a side of the story that isn't being represented as part of the new TLD discussion. I'm cynical that the author has an ulterior motive in protecting a .com portfolio or even in some cases the critic doesn't know how to seize an opportunity and so they become an opportunity killer. Today, I will share some information about my own .nyc domain name sales as well as my perspective on new TLDs. Maybe this article will provide a little balance or at least hopefully present information on sales in a geo-TLD niche and why we shouldn't group all new TLDs together. While I'm waiting for my car to be worked on for its inspection, I visited a Panera Bread to grab lunch and write this article. On entering I had to do a double take at their recruitm…
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