Does the Genesis of a TLD Matter?

Verisign, the registry operator of .com and .net (as well as others including .tv, .cc and .name) have a page on their website called, "What does .com Mean?". It's an easy read and looks back at the history of .com.¬† A few sections of the page I found especially interesting in light of the naming, applications and awarding of new gTLDs:   While we know that the first .com was assigned to on March 15, 1985, the genesis of .com is less clear. According to Craig Partridge, chief scientist at¬†Raytheon BBN Technologies, the name for domains evolved as the system was created. At first, .cor was proposed as the domain for corporations, but when the final version came out it was switched to .com.   What would the implications be, to have a .cor (meaning "corporations") instead of a .com? My guess is that .net may have been more successful as the generic nature of the TLD may have been more attractive than the pigeon holing of corporations i…
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