Why all New Yorkers should register a .nyc domain name

As .nyc nears its 8th birthday, it's hard to ignore how widely used the domain ending is, once you start looking.

So why has it been so strongly adopted and embraced by New Yorkers? With over 65,000 businesses and individuals registering their name with the .nyc ending - the demand and appeal is evident, and the reasons for registering a .nyc domain are as varied as the people living here.

To kick this off, below are the top 10 reasons why you should register a .nyc domain name today.

1. Community AstorPlace.nyc (.nyc domain on top left of banner)

.NYC domains are for New York businesses, organizations and residents only. Community is built into the namespace and adoption has been authentic and passionate like New Yorkers themselves - yes, New Yorkers have been known to be a little passionate.

When folks see your .nyc domain printed on a business card, or vinyl cut and stuck on the side of a van, or on a sign in your store's w…

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