Some New York City Mayoral Candidates Love .NYC Domains

With early voting for New York City Mayor approaching next Friday 12th June, New Yorkers attention on the Bill DeBlasio’s spot is intensifying.

One perspective that has many of us interested is not just the politics of what is happening with the race and generally with the city, but something a little less dramatic – the mayoral candidates’ choice of domain name.

Surely those who want to represent the city would represent with a .NYC? Well not so fast. Let’s take a look, one by one.

Inform Your Vote. NYC Mayoral Candidates

According to the official website here are the candidates by party along with their choice of domain:

Democratic Candidates:

Republican Candidates:

So of the above candidates it seems as though and are the only candidates who love their city and frankly deserve to be candidates for New York City Mayor. Full disclosure Art Chang purchased from a portfolio of names I was managing a few years ago. I didn’t know he was running for mayor and he really seemed like a great guy – we communicated a little even after the transaction. Plus he got a great deal on the domain that I had no idea would turn out to be his online mayoral platform.

However, in contrast, one of the frontrunners Andrew Yang not only missed the .nyc mark but also opted for which may be better suited if he was running for a NY state position. However, I did notice that, registered two days ago, does show a Yang promo website so maybe he is connected to the city after all.

After running a quick check on the other candidates names + “.nyc” it appears that the following are either still available at registration fee, or they have a premium or make offer page.

So just a heads up.: If you consider running for Mayor of New York City at any time in the future, make sure you pick up your first name, last name or full name .nyc to show your love and connection with the best city on the planet, just like and did 🙂

Please don’t forget these key dates:

Key Voting Dates for NYC Mayor

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