Come hang out at Balanced

Every Tuesday at 7pm, we gather at Balanced for our weekly meditation and group discussion.

We have space for a limited group of people to co-work at Balanced, who love mindfulness and community-first coworking.
We’re planning our first 3-day retreat in mid-March at a beach house in the Caribbean.

Co-working at Balanced
Beyond meditation, we also have a limited number of seats available for co-working at Balanced. We offer community-first co-working with a touch of mindfulness, which means that we do some fun things like:

mindfulness bell that we ring throughout the day to help us stay present
community dinners and lunches at the space
help and brainstorming on your projects
If any of this sounds interesting, please reach out below and we’ll get in touch with you.

Who are we?

Leo Widrich
Leo is the Co-Founder of Buffer. He enjoys building a culture-driven company, learning about meditation and experimenting with fitness in and outside the gym.

Casey Rosengren
Casey is the Co-Founder of Hacker Paradise. He spends his time outside of work doing improv, meditating, and thinking about community.

Jillian Richardson
Jillian is a freelance writer who brings humor and playfulness to business. She enjoys improv, meditation, and promoting fun events in NYC.
We’re a group of people who care about mindfulness, self care, and doing interesting work.

Headquartered out of a large, cozy loft in SOHO in NYC, we come together to hang out, meditate, tell stories, and meet like-minded people. Here are some of the ways we bring our community together:


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