The Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, Inc., is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization created to support the city’s efforts to build a modern streetcar along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts, generating improved mass transit and connectivity in neighborhoods from Sunset Park to Astoria. The Friends group believes that the BQX will make our City more livable, sustainable and equitable.

The Friends group was founded in 2014, and working with a group of diverse stakeholders, conducted a year-long analysis of transportation and socioeconomic impacts of a major transportation infrastructure investment along the East River waterfront corridor. The group’s study was pivotal in encouraging the City to undertake the $2.5 billion investment that was announced in Mayor De Blasio’s 2016 State of the City address. Going forward, the Friends group will play a crucial role in supporting the City’s efforts and ensuring this exciting concept becomes a reality.


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