About the Jim Carroll Website
Updated 5 October 2009
The Jim Carroll Website is the result of the efforts of Cassie Carter, who designed it, developed its content, and continues to maintain it.

The information architecture of the site and the visual/graphical elements you see appearing on every page were designed by Cassie Carter. The caricature of Jim Carroll was created by Cassie Carter.
The most recent overall redesign of the site was in November 2007 (for old time’s sake, here’s the menu from the previous design). I revise sections of the site continuously . . . sort of in rotation. (Every time I go in to revise one page I end up spending two days “fixing stuff” all over the site. Like right now.) Revision dates of individual pages on this website vary.

The site was originally launched at Bowling Green State University on January 15, 1996, then moved to Michigan State University’s server in August 1996. On August 15, 1997, the site moved to Forbin.com, thanks to LaVerne Kreklau, who also provided generous technical support and contributed a great deal of content regarding live recordings and rarities (which he continues to do). When the Forbin server died in October 2002 (RIP), Aaron Burnett provided hosting for the site until June 2003. After that, the site moved to commercial hosting. I ended up choosing Westhost because it was one of the very few hosting providers that supported Active Server Pages (ASP) at a reasonable cost. In 2007, Westhost stopped supporting ASP, with no advance notice, which left the site inoperable. I began recoding the entire site – hundreds of pages — in November 2007. Because the entire ASP site was hand-coded, this process could not be automated. I expect the work to be (mostly) complete in Winter 2009.
The domain name CatholicBoy.com, selected by Jim Carroll, was registered and implemented in April 1999.

I hope you will check out my rationale for developing this site.

Is CatholicBoy.com the “Official Jim Carroll Website”?
No, there is no “official” website. Without ever officially “endorsing” the site, Jim Carroll always knew what was here and appreciated it; he sometimes even contributed material.
Who Runs the Show?
Cassie Carter. I am a Jim Carroll scholar and archivist, and I maintain 100% editorial control over the site’s content and design.
This does not mean, however, that Jim Carroll had no say in it. Jim chose the name for the site, contributed various items (notably book translations, rare items — such as photos of his t-shirt collection — and other goodies), and offered corrections.
My goal, as a documentarian, archivist, and scholar, is to make the information available to others. I hope others will get a glimpse of the brilliant artist I know as “Carroll” and the kind-hearted person I knew as my friend “Jim.” I want you to have a sense of the whole person–the author, the character “in” the work, and the person who creates the work.

Linking & Permissions
If you wish to use any material contained on this website, please feel free to link to it and email me to let me know so that I may add a reciprocal link, if appropriate. Please don’t steal stuff. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form except with written permission from me, and in many cases from other copyright holders.
Cassie Carter, PhD


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