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Founded in 1979, the Central Astoria Local Development Coalition is a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the neighborhood of Astoria as a vibrant, affordable, harmonious and desirable community in which to live, work, and do business.
About Central Astoria Local Development Coalition

It doesn’t take long to sense Astoria’s special character. Home to over 100 ethnic groups, it is this kaleidoscope of people that makes Astoria a vibrant, thriving neighborhood. Well-tended residential block crisscross an international street life. With a pace that is neither the hectic bustle of Manhattan nor the steady routine of the suburbs, Astoria is truly a village within the city, ideal for strolling, shopping, dining, lingering, and living. Central Astoria undertakes several programs that directly benefit residents and businesses of Astoria, and strive to constantly improve the neighborhood as a whole.

With over 1000 Astoria businesses in its four business districts – Broadway, 30th Avenue, 36th Avenue and Steinway Street – the Central Astoria LDC:
Advocates for services and quality of life issues.
Provides information to businesses regarding available business solutions programs.
Provides various beautification elements to the districts including: street cleaning, flowers, trees, planters, storefront improvements, etc.
Creates directories and brochures highlighting the community’s assets including: Dining, Shopping, Cultural Events, and History.
Provides marketing/promotional events for all districts.

To prevent displacement of tenants and maintain and preserve decent housing for low and middle income individuals, Central Astoria’s Housing and Benefits Assistance Program:
Provides assistance to individuals and clients, including in-person counseling, regarding the following: Warranty of Habitability Laws, Housing Maintenance Codes, Rent Regulations, Rent Increases, Overcharges, Harassment, Housing Court, etc.
Provides information and assistance in filing for benefits and subsidy assistance programs such as: DRIE, SCRIE, HEAP, Lifeline, SCHE, DHE, STAR, EPIC, IT 203, Energyshare, Section 8, HEAP, IT214, food stamps, etc

Each summer Central Astoria presents cultural programming in throughout the neighborhood. Central Astoria’s Waterfront Concert Series brings together residents and visitors from all walks of like under the universal language of music. We strive to provide an eclectic mix of performers spanning multiple genres to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our Movies on the Waterfront attract families and friends, residents and visitors alike to the Astoria Park Lawn for a night of free entertainment, with the stars and RFK Triborough and Hell Gate Bridges providing an unbeatably serene backdrop. Two years ago Central Astoria initiated Astoria’s Holiday Tree Lighting event where stories and songs of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas fill the air, followed by a traditional tree lighting. This has become an annual event held in December.


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