Do you dream of chocolate? You collected chocolate wrappers as a child, and as an adult you collect experiences and memories. We want to be part of your chocolate experiences. Cocoa Store is the New York City retailer of prestigious chocolate brands from around the world.

We highlights the produce of artisans who are masters of their trade. Our carefully curated collection of luxury chocolate brands guides you on your own journey through chocolate’s flavors, textures and smells to offer you a unique and unrivaled tasting experience.

We are the US retailer and importer for the bean-to-bar luxury chocolatiers featured in our store, brands which make their products from the best cocoa beans in the world and use no artificial additives. Our modern, innovative mix of bars and truffles aims to reinvent your chocolate experience, whether it’s day-to-day tasting or a gift for a special occasion. We are constantly evolving our selection as we discover new brands that could create moments of happiness and refinement for our customers, including limited edition and seasonal products.

Visit us to be surprised, discover your new favorite brand and create new memories that make you fall in love with chocolate all over again.


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