Our Mission

CreArtBox is an award winning multidisciplinary music ensemble based in New York City led by flutist Guillermo Laporta and pianist Josefina Urraca and known for its merging of classical and contemporary music, with visual art, stunning stage design, and cutting-edge technology.

Our Vision

Rather than viewing chamber music as incidental to dance or theater, our programs position each art form in relation to the others, presenting music as neither absolute nor programmatic. The structure of the event is non-narrative, operating as a traditional chamber music concert does by programming compositions that contrast and complement each other. However, CreArtBox challenges the normal ritual of the concert by providing seamless transitions between pieces through visual cues, dance, and poetic and dramatic interludes.
Since 2006
Originating in Spain, CreArt presented LONDON THE SHOW, the opera NOCTUM, and CRE.ART PROJECT 1 at leading venues and festivals across Europe including Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and the Segovia International Music Festival.
The group won the Injuve Chamber Music Competition and the Montehermoso Contemporary Creation Award.

Explore our Spanish productions at www.creartproject.com.

CreArtBox Ensemble

We came together in NYC, motivated by a mutual desire to reach across disciplinary boundaries. Members of our group have graduated from conservatories and universities including Juilliard, Yale, Harvard, Manhattan School of Music and NYU, and have performed internationally as soloists and chamber musicians.


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