About Us
FASA (Fashion Accessories Shippers Association) is the trade association representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers engaged in the importation of fashion accessories into the United States. Through our detailed website and seminars, we help members navigate governmental and trade regulations and procedures. Our team of experienced international trade and procurement experts brings a wealth of experience. We aid in the procurement of containerized ocean freight rates to allow member importers to move their product seamlessly and cost effectively from foreign markets to their customers.
Representing the interests the fashion accessories market, we work with government agencies, shipping lines and port authorities on a host of issues including product safety, trade and Customs issues and negotiating freight rates and service agreements to lessen the complexities that accessories manufacturers and importers face in importing their merchandise.
In existence for more than 100 years, we were originally founded as an organization representing handbag manufacturers. In the 1970’s, the role of the association expanded from handbags to include all fashion accessories. In the mid 1980’s after the passing of the U.S. Shipping Act of 1984, we expanded our focus to create a shippers association. FASA was one of the first shippers associations created after this act, with a mission to negotiate with ocean carriers on behalf of our members to secure a balance of competitive ocean freight rates and reliable service for our members through leveraged volume and collaborative market knowledge.
FASA’s website is a comprehensive resource for the fashion accessories industry hosting valuable information on upcoming Accessories Market Dates, show dates, and the latest news and governmental issues updates on issues affecting the Accessories Industry. We are highly instrumental in setting the New York Market Dates so that manufacturers, trade show organizers and retail buyers can streamline their buying and avoid scheduling conflicts.
FASA offers the services of a Customs attorney, as well as our Director of Government Relations, to help companies deal with the myriad of regulatory challenges faced by the industry. We have continually engaged in efforts to reduce and eliminate tariffs and burdensome regulation in the accessories market and have worked on a number of ongoing issues including the elimination the high tariff rates for stick umbrellas to match the zero-duty that we achieved for folding umbrellas. Another one of our “wins” helped prevented Customs from charging a higher tariff for leather handbags with a thin protective coating saving handbag importers considerably.
FASA, a not-for-profit, member-based organization is always looking to provide our members with other unique benefits that help in growing our industry. Due to our large ocean freight negotiating volume and reduced freight rates, members can achieve significant saving on their ocean freight costs while improving their ability to reliably deliver products to their customers.
We foster industry outreach by working closely with the International Trade and Marketing Department of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Through a comprehensive program offering industry internships and student scholarships, FASA hopes to bring continued innovation and talent to the fashion accessories industry.


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