Located in Long Island City, NY

GUM Studios is a 21,000 sq ft facility located one block from Hunter’s Point waterfront park in Long Island City, NY. GUM caters to all film productions including commercials, feature films, long-term TV shows, high-end photoshoots and music videos.

GUM is a Level 1 Qualified Production Space. The New York State Film Production tax credit program requires all applicants to shoot some portion of their principal photography at an approved soundstage, known as a New York State Qualified Production Facility (QPF). Threshold requirements for filming at a QPF vary by size and type of production; for more details on specific program requirements go to this tax incentives page.

We’ve built our space out to be film/photo-friendly. GUM provides in-house equipment rentals, as well as in-house production assistance. We’re here to help you with anything you need whether it’s fishing wire or finding green screen treadmills. We make your life easy and we do it with a smile.

GUM features 10,000 sq ft shooting area, 6,000 sq ft of ground floor support space, and 5000 sq ft of support space on the mezzanine.

GUM is the only woman-owned film studio in NYC.


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