About us

Hospice of New York is committed to the total care of the patient who is facing a life-limiting illness, care of his/her family and caregivers, the development of the community’s healthcare delivery system, and the conservation of health care resources. This organization will maintain the ethical framework and the standards of excellence in which the staff can fulfill its commitment to deliver the highest quality spiritual, emotional, physical, and psycho- social care of our patients and families.

Hospice of New York is here to help.

Quality Care For All
Hospice of New York provides care, employs staff, and offers volunteer opportunities regardless of race, religion, creed, color, gender, national origin, disability, age, diagnosis, or sexual orientation.

Licenses, Certification and Accreditation
Hospice of New York is Licensed by the State of New York and Certified by the Medicare Program.

Hospice of New York is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program — CHAP.

Hospice of New York is an independent Limited Liability Corporation licensed by the State of New York.


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