Kenny Kline | Managing Partner
Kenny is a serial tech entrepreneur with skills in programming, SEO, and content marketing. He loves working with new companies to establish their online presence and unified brand. Kenny has a BS from Washington University in St Louis and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Joe Auer | Managing Partner
Joe is a reformed CPA with skills in digital marketing, SEO, and startup launch strategy. He handles the data driven initiatives behind our inbound marketing and conversion strategies. Joe has a BS/MS from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Max Jacobson | Managing Partner
Max is an international entrepreneur. After more than three years in management consulting with the Boston Consulting Group in the US and Brazil, Max now runs businesses in Brazil and the US related to Financial Modeling, Travel & Tourism, and SEO. He holds a degree with honors in Financial Engineering from Princeton University. Max speaks Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The folks here at JAKK are passionate about all aspects of internet marketing, from driving traffic to your website to converting that traffic to sales and loyal customers. We are the only agency (we know of) that practices what we preach – we maintain a number of our own websites to test the latest fads and theories so that we are always on the cutting edge.


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