Welcome to LuLu’s Cuts & Toys!
LuLu’s Cuts & Toys is a kids hair salon and toy store located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. We offer haircuts to children of all ages, and adults, too! From French bobs to Mohawks to curly hair, our experienced stylists can do it all. You can learn more about haircuts here!

Along with our kids hair salon, we offer a wide range of toys from baby to tween. We are currently working on an online shop, but you can check out the ‘Our Products‘ page for some examples!

Looking for one of our other stores? Visit LuLu’s for baby or LuLu’s then & now.

1/1/2016- 30% off Playmobil sets and Bruder trucks originally priced at $50 or more! Ends January 31st, 2016. While supplies last.

10/5/2015- 20% off ALL Melissa & Doug products for the month of October! Shop in store before October 31st, 2015 for this great deal!

7/6/2015- If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the LuLu’s then & now Play Space after your haircut. They’ve got some special events going on in July, including Monday Story Time. The calendar is available on their website!

About Us
Lulu’s Cuts & Toys was opened by former fashion executive Brigitte Prat in August 2001. As a mother and resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn, Brigitte saw the need and potential for an establishment which could perform double duty in the family friendly neighborhood. With the inspiration of her precocious six year old daughter Lulu, Brigitte opened a combination hair salon and toy store on the increasingly stylish Fifth Avenue strip of Park Slope.

ress & Media
“Brigitte Prat is the proprietor of the magical world that is LuLu’s. Her enthusiasm permeates all three of the unique experiences she has created on Fifth Avenue: LuLu’s Cuts and Toys, LuLu’s for Baby and LuLu’s Then & Now. Prat’s enchanting shops are not conjured out of thin air. She has spent her whole life in retail, including work in the French fashion industry. But it is her passion for her work that has made LuLu’s a neighborhood favorite, among both kids and their parents.

Prat cannot take all of the credit for her success. LuLu’s was her daughter’s idea, and so bears her name. Prat recalls when her daughter was three, and loved to get her hair cut at a salon just for kids on the Upper West Side. When they moved to Park Slope in 1998, Prat was surprised that LuLu’s favorite Saturday morning ritual could not be duplicated in the neighborhood. Another subway trip on the weekend was just not an option. With her daughter as inspiration, Prat’s interest in opening her own children’s salon increased, and she finally took the plunge in 2001.

The original LuLu’s Cuts and Toys was located on Fifth Avenue, between Second and Third streets. “There was no retail here then, and only one restaurant,” says Prat. “It’s amazing what Fifth Avenue has become.” LuLu’s was so successful that Prat expanded and moved north on Fifth Avenue, between Bergen and Dean streets, in 2004. The opening of the new space happened to coincide with the infamous MTA strike that winter. People who might normally have bypassed this stretch of Fifth Avenue now had to walk past. They bought locally, foregoing the big box stores across Atlantic Avenue. The stars aligned and, as Prat says, “It was a great opening!”


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