MCD is an agency focused on the digital customer experience.
We help organizations design and build digital products and services that millions of people use every day. Founded in 1999, we’re a close knit team of digital professionals in New York and Chicago offering digital business strategy, user experience design, digital marketing, and mobile development.

We like to work together in cross-functional teams, not just here at MCD, but with our clients too. Together we work tirelessly to understand business challenges and the ongoing needs of our users – so that we can deliver smart, useful customer experiences every time.

Prototyping and rapid testing are central to everything we do. We’ve even built an insights lab right in the middle of our NYC headquarters, allowing us to bring real customers into the development process and validate decisions every step of the way.

We are an agency in progress. We are continually adapting our approach to find new ways to work with our clients and help connect with their customers.

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

Customer Research & Analytics

User Experience Design

Visual Design & Animation

Web & Mobile Development

Rapid Prototyping & Product Development

At MCD you’ll get the chance to be part of smart teams working on complex, large scale projects. Our work covers a wide breadth of initiatives so we’re always looking for good collaborators who are comfortable working across different disciplines. We know it’s a fast changing industry, so we make education and knowledge sharing a priority. If you want to get a sense of what it’s like here, stop by the NY Mobile App Developers Meetup – we host it at our office every month.


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