Milos Café & Yogurt Bar

Established in 2012…

Milos Café & Yogurt Bar a spin off of the well known “Seafood Haven” called “Estiatorio Milos” on 55th Street. Serving food of high quality using only the finest ingredients. From “big-eye tuna”, grilled organic salmon, Nova Scotia lobster and the “Greek” tomato salad.
The only place in New York to get the “Real Greek Yogurt” with homemade spoon sweets!
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The ‘real Greek’ Yogurt…

Costas Spiliadis, also the proprietor of nearby Estiatorio Milos restaurant, has stocked Milos Café & Yogurt Bar with ingredients he uses at the restaurant!
But our ‘real’ draw is his ‘real Greek’ yogurt, which Spiliadis sources from a goat farmer in Dutchess County. When it arrives in our café, it’s ladled into organic cheesecloth and drained until it’s stand-a-spoon-in-it thick.

Sold in 6-ounce, 8-ounce and 12-ounce reusable containers, it begs for a side of Greek honey or spoon sweets (fruit that’s been preserved in massive amounts of syrup). This is the best Greek news anyone’s heard in a long time & all ready to serve, deliver or takeout right here @Milos Café & Yogurt Bar!
Take a peek at our The ‘real Greek’ Yogurt Photo Gallery!

Our Specialties…

Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Spreads and the ‘real Greek’ Yogurt. We do not use mayonnaise on any of our sandwiches, we use our own ‘real Greek’ yogurt! Our tuna is the “Big Eye tuna loin” and the salmon is Honjake. Our olive is from our own olive farm in Greece and it is the finest extra virgin olive oil. Our lobster is from Nova Scotia, Canada and our delicious spoon sweets are homemade. Check our dry products, they’re the best that you can get!


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