Therapy in New York for the 21st Century.

Therapy and life coaching offer guidance in your journey towards emotional freedom and happiness. Modern therapists want to teach you the tools to create your own psychological, emotional and philosophical way in the world- your life, for you, by you. There are individuals, groups, corporations- whole systems designed to try to make you feel anxious, addicted, inadequate and helpless. Whether you keep feeling miserable for another day is now up to you.

Modern, effective counseling can help. You’ve taken the first step just by looking for a therapist. With online scheduling, we make finding a therapist even easier! Schedule Now.

Dr. Michael DeMarco is a licensed mental health counselor (NY – 2337) licensed marriage and family therapist (NY – 136) and board certified clinical sexologist in private practice since 2002. Dr. DeMarco uses the original style of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) with individuals, couples and families. DeMarco has supervised clinicians at all levels since 2006, and has been an educator since 1999 ranging from middle school to the graduate level. As a clinician, Dr. DeMarco has been quoted in Cosmo, Esquire, GQ and other publications and has made media appearances on SpikeTV, HBO and is associate producer on “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story”, a new documentary about masturbation. Dr. DeMarco is available for sessions by appointment for sessions in English or French.


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