It’s time to take it back. Back to the days when men were gentlemen by nature and rebellious by choice. When it was commonplace to hold doors open for women, keep your word, spend an afternoon under the hood of the car with your son, and take your girl away for a luxurious weekend despite that early Monday meeting. When plans were made to be kept, and texting out isn’t an option.


At retromarine, our top priority is to capture our customer’s imagination by demanding the highest standards of ourselves and the materials we work with. We’re not concerned with chasing down fleeting trends; rather we’re crafting top quality swimwear that’s as lasting and recognizable as our icons — Sean Connery, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen and their ilk. Founded and based in New York City, our distinctive, handmade trunks are crafted for the modern man who values passion and confidence in every facet of his life.

Our expertly tailored swimwear has a distinct edge that’s unique and nostalgic. Unexpected prints and vibrant colors combine with an eye to detail for a fit that is unparalleled. Retros are made for the man who craves an active and vibrant lifestyle, and their characteristics reflect that. All trunks are made of the highest quality fabrics that expertly repel water for quick drying (even on the inner lining), have SPF 50 and UV filters to protect color, are bias cut by our tailors, and feature 100% handmade, retro finishings that complete your look.

Founded by designer and creative director Juan Jaramillo, retromarine is inspired by the ideals of the Golden Era, giving you a modern take on a nostalgia. We’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of your life by bringing the best parts of the past to the present.


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