SOFA REMOVAL NYC are the #1 Couch Removal Specialists thoughout New York City, as we have removed hundreds of different types and sizes of sofas over the years. Our staff have many years of experience each. We have all the proper tools to get the job done safely. If its heavy, extra long, has a pull-out sleeper, up a few flights of stairs, needs to fit into an elevator, we can do it.

J&M CLEANOUTS – (718)496-2572 – Removal of your old sofa never been easier till now !! If it was easy, you would not call us !!

We can provide sofa removal services in all of Queens – Brooklyn – Manhattan – Long Island, New York City.

We can remove any size sofa, couch, recliner, sectional, love seat, sofa bed,chaise sofa, arm chair, no many how heavy or how big, we can get it done.

Stairs? NO problem ! In the basement? NO problem ! Sofa has a bed inside? NO Problem ! Does your sofa recline on the ends? NO problem ! Only one piece? No problem ! Six piece sectional? NO problem ! We’ll handle it. Heavy? NO Problem !! Your building management require Certificate of Insurance / Worker’s Compensation? NO Problem !! Our well experienced, qualified team, will come to your place, with the proper tools needed and carefully remove your old sofa without making a mess or causing any damage to your property.


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