Team of NY artists, designers and creative deviants. We highlight latest NYC gifts and souvenirs, helping you discover all the latest creations.

We guide you through NY of the present and the past. A mix of culture, art and rebellion that allows you to see every part of NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island in its own native art. Taking sounds of culture, center of design and melting pot of creativity, and bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience.



New York City is an artistic epicenter ranging from performance arts like Broadway, improv theater, and ballet to artisanal crafts and wares, jewelry smithing, and the visual arts. With so much to explore, pieces to bring home, the city offers a most inspiring and unique culture.


There are rebels, artists and non-conformists on every street and that’s what makes New York, New York. It allows you to discover a heartbeat of the hidden city, away from tourist attractions and street vendor kitsch.


It’s a city that never stops evolving. Boasting the best restaurants in the world, high fashion couture, and celebrity hot spots, it’s one of the trendiest, most exciting place to be in the world. There is fresh dynamic that evolves around you. Making you apart of the modern city. You are here to visit but in a way you are also here to contribute your presence to the beat of the city, creating an experience that is both unforgettable and ephemeral.


Frank Sinatra, Statue of Liberty, Romantic Side Streets and Gangsters. It is this city that birthed these legends. It gave life to icons and myths. Glitz and glamor, intertwined with the present, future and the past. Experience it with us.


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