The Steinway Astoria Partnership, a business improvement district since 1991, has been working since that time to ensure the district’s vitality and reputation as a friendly neighborhood street with a worldly selection of merchandise.

The Business Improvement District was established to enhance the retail mix, provide maintenance and security services and offer seasonal promotions for customers. Since that time it has also started beautification efforts to forge a visually pleasing and pedestrian friendly shopping district. New trees have been planted, colorful banners and flower baskets installed, and tree pits planted with flowers. Benches for our shoppers’ convenience will be added in the next few months.

The Steinway Street Business Improvement District encompasses all 300 business located on Steinway Street from 28th Avenue to 35th Avenue. National chain stores such as Victoria’s Secrets, The Gap, Benetton, and Express are side by side with local family owned shops some of them fixtures on the street for some fifty years. Everything from home furnishings, antiques, electronics, jewelry, eyewear, hardware, to clothing and shoes for every age group and taste can be found within these five blocks for the ultimate shopping experience.


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