Build Better Software. Build a Better Team.
We’re a bunch of engineers obsessed with the idea that software development should be agile, collaborative, and leave teams stronger at the finish than they were at the beginning.

In a word, people. Everyone at Stride shares a passion for continuous improvement through software. They are motivated not only by striving for technical excellence, but also by a deep desire to share their knowledge and raise the game of everyone they collaborate with.

Thus, we measure success not only by the quality of the software we build, but also by the impact we make in the environments of each and every company we work with.

Why Do Great Companies Choose Stride?
At Stride, we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. The “Stride Way” is a mindset of focused on learning and continuous improvement, not a prescribed set of processes. If there’s a better path to success for your team, we’ll find it.


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