Teamsters Joint Council 16 represents 120,000 workers in Downstate New York and Puerto Rico. Our 26 locals represent workers in just about every industry. As part of the 1.4 million member strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we are America’s strongest and most diverse union.

While many associate the Teamsters with freight drivers, the union’s reach covers many sectors of the economy.

We deliver for many recognizable brands, like Coca-Cola, Entenmann’s, UPS, and Frito-Lay. Our members also work in warehouses, factories, and airports. New York City Housing Authority workers are Teamsters, and so are New York’s sanitation workers.

New Yorkers interact with Teamsters every day and see these union members creating and moving the goods that run this city.

Visit our Locals page to learn more about each of our locals and the industries they work in. Visit our History page to learn about the history of the Teamsters in New York and the workers who helped build New York.


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