The Third Rail is the first recognized independent Supporters Group for New York City FC. We are a group of fans from all over the city (and the world) who come together to have fun, play soccer, raise money for good causes, and support the first Major League Soccer club to play in our great city.

We recognize May 21, 2013 as our founding day, the same day that New York City FC was announced as the 20th club in Major League Soccer, and prospective fans took to Twitter, Facebook and blogs to share their excitement. Known at the time as “New York City FC Supporters Group”, it began as a loosely-knit group interacting first on social media, then increasingly in public meet-ups, pub crawls and other events. Members of our group were present for the NYCFC logo unveiling event, the announcement that Yankee Stadium would be its first home, and other seminal events in the young club’s history.


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