About Us

ODD. New York

Est. 2012

odd /äd/ (adjective) different from what is usual or expected; strange

ODD. New York is a multi-brand luxury boutique that celebrates and encourages daring personal style through a thoughtfully curated variety of globally-sourced fashion brands. Founded in 2012 by Judson Harmon, the store was opened out of his desire to create a welcoming environment for brand discovery and top-notch retail therapy, and to also serve as a reminder that fashion should be both thrilling and fun.

In curating our selection of wearable works of art and off-kilter staple items we aim to encourage exploration and the abandonment of rules as they pertain to gender in clothing and what does or does not go together.

ODD. New York plays host to various artist exhibitions and specialized events, inviting our customers into not only our perspective on fashion, but into our full creative scope through our network of affiliates. Our curation is ultimately inspired by our relentlessly ‘odd’ customers and artist friends for whom fashion is an accessory to an already imaginative life.


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