Motion graphics. Duh. Drippy sparkles and bold color. Big ass words flying all over the goddamn place. Graphics that look like a Frida Kahlo fever dream. Warhol sniffing glue. In space. We make ugly things pretty and pretty things ugly and we make it all smooth as dolphin sex.

We can handle any graphic you throw our way. We design graphics for award shows, documentaries, television, web… you name it. Try us.


With 8 years in motion design, Nick has worked on everything from national beauty campaigns to major league sports programming. Most recently, he designed the ESPY Awards and NFL Honors.

He started his career designing titles for documentaries, the first of which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival (Run For Your Life, 2008). He went on to work on a host of other documentary films including Blank City (2010) and the 30 for 30 film No Más (2013). His latest title design was for the Emmy Award winning film We Could Be King (2014).

In 2013 Nick transitioned out of freelancing and started Vranizan Design so that he could more effectively service clients and expand the scope of projects available to him as an individual.

Nick is always brimming with new creative ideas and thrives in discovering uncharted territory. His visual style can be described as an elegant cross between fine dining and hot pockets.


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