Why Wood?

In the face of climate change and today’s massive CO2 emissions…
Imagine a technology—a solar-powered 3D printer—that harvests CO2 from the atmosphere and converts it into a menu of versatile building materials able to replace polluting alternatives like concrete, aluminum, steel, and plastics. The by-products of this process are pure oxygen and life support systems for endangered animals, plants, and people.

This technology is the tree.

As tension mounts between our global population, warming climate, and natural environment, nothing is more important to our future than how we use our material and energy resources. Decision makers now have a choice between business as usual, or innovative solutions that look to synergies between humans and nature. Wood is understood to be the only truly renewable building material, simultaneously capturing carbon and conserving biodiversity as it grows. Its potential is enormous, but it is often overlooked.
So, how can we maximize wood’s potential as construction material, conservation tool, and cultural building block? Answering that queston is our reason for being.


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