About Us:
About YourNeighborhood:

YourNeighborhood was born out of the need to help individuals locate and settle into the perfect neighborhood that fits their interests and needs. Co-founders Eric Levy and Andrew Curtis, having consistently heard from family and friends the difficulty and frustration of this process, decided to take action. YourNeighboorhood, an online real estate social portal, helps to make the process easy, streamlined, and fun! We look forward to growing with you, our loyal users, and continually evolving with new and greater features.

About Eric Levy:

Eric has always had a passion for business and real estate. Growing up in New York City, he gained an appreciation for the diversity of unique neighborhoods the city has to offer along with the constantly evolving real estate landscape. Raised in a family with three generations of business owners, Eric has always had the passion and desire to start a business of his own. When not focused on entrepreneurial ventures, he loves exploring NYC by foot, cooking, and global travel. Eric is a graduate of the George Washington University School of Business.

About Andrew Curtis:

Andrew’s passion for Computers and Programming started early on in his High School years. Upon taking some introductory classes and just tampering around with computers, his passion to learn more about computers and programming grew and grew. He furthered his academic career by getting a B.S. in Computer Science from Manhattan College. Currently, Andrew is furthering his desire to learn more about the Computer Science field by working on getting a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from CUNY-City College.


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