3 Core Values that Define Who We Are

My great uncle, Louie, was born in Brooklyn 89 years ago. Once a month I take him on a shopping trip where we visit all his favorite stores around the neighborhood. Without fail we pass houses along the way that have porches. Each time I will get the same note of remorse in his next story: “I wish I bought a house just like that, Justin.”

He will talk about the good o’le days in NYC when people hung out on their porches each night and knew their neighbors. When people loved to be around others and didn’t just lock themselves away each night after work. You didn’t need an invite or an RSVP to knock on someone’s door. It was natural. You were a community.

We find that very close to the type of biblical community we want to see happen in our church. Close, tight-knit, and like family. Where people don’t need an RSVP to go over a neighbor’s house and know they have people close by they can crash at for dinner and fun after work.
Getting to where our leaders are today was by no means something that happened between just us and God. Several people over the years have had significant impact at different points in our lives. We would not be who we are or where we are without them. There is no way we can imagine our lives without these select few who impacted us so greatly.

They gave us time, resources, dinners, mentorship, books, advice and more. Just as we cannot imagine our life without them, we cannot imagine a church that we attend that doesn’t have this as a part of the culture. Discipleship is the process that creates leaders and Gospel loving Christians. Jesus himself championed this way of living through how He chose to do ministry during His three years before the cross. We pray to do the same.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The first thing God did was create. We are His creation. And to reflect who God truly is, we must create. We want our church to be creators in every way. Content creators, designers, artists, musicians, writers, and more.

We deeply believe creativity will shape how we tell the story of Jesus and how we dive into community with one another. God is the ultimate creator, yet His church has often stopped creating.

Whatever we do, whether it be preaching, music, signs, dinner, or outreach, we want it to be inspired and creative. Join us on that journey.

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