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  Earlier today I noticed two premium NYC domain purchases - and Both these domains were previously unregistered and were registered yesterday, directly with GoDaddy, as premium purchases. They've now been added to the NYC domain name sales chart. What's particularly notable about the sales is that they were purchased by the same person (whois) and that they sold for approximately $7,000 ( and $3,500 ( While not quite in the same league as, which sold for $13m seven years ago (almost to the day - 10/27/2010) to a company called Clover Holdings Ltd., many may consider the $7,000 price tag reasonable. These prices haven't been confirmed by GoDaddy or the registrant, but I believe that they are accurate approximations based on the premium tiers that theses names were originally labeled as and the amount GoDaddy has been charging for NYC domains within the tiers. - Tie…

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