sells for $7,000

I originally posted back in July about my 4 year .nyc domain investing experience and recently followed up that article with news of 4 more .nyc domain sales that took me over the $20,000 sales mark. There was one sale however, that pushed me over the break even line and that was which completed just a few weeks ago for $7,000. Up until recently my biggest .nyc domain sales were $3,000 (x 2 sales) and $3,090 so it was nice to exceed those with this sale. Maybe there's time for one more big sale before the year's up! I received an email about this domain about a month ago from a gmail account with no history and so I was intrigued about who it may be interested. After a couple of emails they said that they had decided to go in a different direction - so we both moved on. Fast forward a few weeks later and I received an email from Afternic congratulating me on the sale of I was excited but also nervous because of only one other domain sa…
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