Instant Love and Credibility with a Generic .NYC Domain

I really do... love NYC! As do most people who live and work in the city. It comes at a price though. Small and expensive apartments, 25mph local streets, gridlocked traffic at rush hour on any major road, ninja trained traffic cops, a free back-on-back or shoulder-to-shoulder massage on the subway, the world's biggest rodents... ok let me stop there. The greatness of the city dwarfs any of these problems. Anything you want and anytime you want it - this city never sleeps. It's impossible to truly fathom amount of diversity - people from every corner of the planet living in the same place, raising children, working, building businesses. Many of us are resilient for having uprooted and moved from our home city or home country to start over in NYC. Simply put, characters are built in NYC and because of this truth that the .NYC brand has community, resilience and optimism as the big ideas at the heart of its genesis.     That's the start of the sto…
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