Email is Still the Killer App in Business – Can gTLDs Help?

We've all seen the van with the long website and wondered if that was the best they could find. Likewise you may have seen a business with an @aol, @hotmail or @yahoo email address and questioned why they're using a personal email for their business. A true and very recent story: my parents just had flooring installed. To fit it around a fireplace a contractor used a crowbar which, ultimately cracked the granite. They discovered the damage later after they'd paid for the work. When they told me about it, I wanted to find out about the contractor so I asked them for his details. jon**** was the email my mom read from the business card he had given her. I wasn't surprised┬áthat he had personal (non-professional) email, given that he did his job poorly. But I wondered if the logic worked the other way. If people who do unprofessional work may be more likely to have an non-professional email address, can we assume someone using an non-professional/personal emai…
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