NYC Fashion Domains Auction Results

This was the second in a series of Premium .NYC Domain Auctions by Neustar and the City of New York and it concluded earlier today with two huge surprises. Firstly, who knew there is more money in fashion than real estate. The "Real Estate" themed NYC premium domain auctions last year in October made records with and selling for $21,300 and $16,155 respectively. The Fashion themed auction proved it could do one better with selling for $33,500 and selling for $37,000. The rest of the results are below and I'm curious who the sellers are and if they are an investor or someone with an end use in mind. Again there are some great names that sold for $500 and if the SnapNames auction app or mobile website worked properly (I was no where near a desktop) I would have had a few bids in for some of bargains!   Domain Name Price Sale Type Sale Venue Date Registered $500 Neustar Au…
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